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To Our Valued Customers,

At Canada Steel we have witnessed many changes in our world. The election of protectionist parties in some countries have made 2017 and 2018 a challenging marketplace to navigate. A return to self interest and tariffs have complicated business relationships.

The steel industry has always been difficult in Canada, as a majority of steel products made here are not consumed here. In short, we rely heavily on trade and friends. The path ahead may test the rules of the past.

Understanding the market and all the uncertainty that comes with it makes our look ahead difficult to predict. With that being said, Canada Steel still continues to be the same supplier.  We offer all of our customers daily service for all orders.

A wide range of steel goods such as stainless, aluminum, hot rolled, cold rolled and structural give us an edge on our competition. Providing great service and product mix has been key to our success.

In 2019 our world and market will test our resolve and patience. This economy has needed to catch its breath and allow interest rates, housing and stock markets to reset and move forward. Some industries continue to show signs of contraction while others continue to grow.

Canada Steel and it’s families are still here with the same focus as before to serve you, our customers, who we also call our friends. It’s important to us to help you feed your families just as we feed our own.

We wish you a prosperous 2019.


John E Anderson



At Canada Steel, we buy the majority of our stock from Canadian mills. We will continue to do so until a foreign source is the only alternative. We will always meet our obligation to serve our valued customers.